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How to prevent peptic ulcer disease

In conversations, articles on medical topics, we often hear the words “risk factors”. What do they mean? Risk means a combination of factors and circumstances, and circumstances that can lead to the disease, including gastric ulcer and 1 2 duodenal ulcers. However, if you follow the correct diet, behavior, work, rest, mental hygiene, then risk factors will be eliminated. A combination of several factors is especially unfavorable.

So how to prevent peptic ulcer disease?

The decisive factor is the position of the person himself, his actions and their effects depend on it. Healthy people should be convinced of the need to take care of their health, it’s strengthening, and improvement. This is doable if you adhere to the regime of life with its obligatory component of the daily routine.

An example scheme for an adult working person is recommended:

Morning exercises in the fresh air
Water procedures
First breakfast
Walk to work
Second breakfast if possible
Rest after lunch and after work with switching to other activities
Dinner for 2 hours of sleep
Rest before bed
Sleep – at least 7-8 hours

The daily routine should be individual for each person, but it is important to constantly follow it.

All life processes in the body are associated with the constant expenditure of energy, the source of replenishment of which is food.

The following requirements for the nutritional rules of a healthy person are considered scientifically grounded:

Compliance with a certain frequency and frequency of meals throughout the day
Quantitative distribution of food
The qualitative composition of food products
Meals should be 4 times a day with intervals of meals after 5 hours
Food should be moderately warm, you need to eat slowly, chewing thoroughly and swallowing it in small portions. The best ratio of protein, fat, and carbohydrates is recognized as 1:1:4
The calorie requirements for food depend on a number of reasons: age, gender, profession, etc.

Thanks to the central nervous system, the human body is characterized by the highest degree of self-regulation, self-healing, and self-improvement. A person should consciously spare his nervous system, prevent the depletion of nerve cells. It is important to learn how to prevent difficult situations and behave correctly if they arise.

It is necessary to increase the emotional stability of a person, the ability to control oneself in difficult conditions, strive for mutual understanding, be attentive to others, and quietly support a person. Elimination of the risk of peptic ulcer disease is achieved by ensuring healthy conditions of activity that do not allow overwork, which is harmful to the body, weakens its defenses. Labor is not only a source of wealth and well-being but also a charge of emotional energy that brings moral satisfaction, joy, and good mood.

The best form of recreation is to change the type of employment. Switching from one operation to another, changing mental work to physical work relieves fatigue, prevents overwork, strengthens the body’s defenses, and, ultimately, health. Among the factors, a certain place belongs to heredity. It is not the disease itself that is inherited, but the peculiarities of the functioning of the digestive organs, acid production in the stomach, etc.

The disease is associated with a combination of the same conditions: non-observance of the rules of nutrition, behavior, psychohygiene, etc. Elimination of the risk of peptic ulcer disease is also associated with the need to keep teeth healthy, which is ensured by the observance of hygienic rules for oral care. To prevent peptic ulcer disease, you should definitely give up smoking, because this is accompanied by irritation of his glandular apparatus, the production of active glandular juice, mucus.

Nicotine causes vasoconstriction and supports inflammatory processes. No less real threat of peptic ulcer disease is associated with alcohol intake. Alcohol, irritating the gastric mucosa, increases the secretion of juice, the motor activity of the organ, and increases appetite. Alcohol has a “tanning” effect on the glands of the stomach.

Thus, eliminating the risk of peptic ulcer disease requires self-discipline, adherence to the daily routine, respect for others, organization of your working time, place. The organization of meals, and even more rest, is quite accessible. You do not have to spare time to comply with the daily routine. And today the formula “disease is easier to prevent than to cure” remains valid.