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Massage for Erectile Dysfunction: therapeutic effect and treatment result

Massage for impotence is an effective auxiliary method that ensures the speedy restoration of the erectile function of a man, helps to increase potency and has a beneficial effect on the reproductive system.

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction with massage refers to the methods of alternative medicine, which involve finding certain points on a man’s body, and when exposed to them, an improvement in men’s health is observed. Chinese medicine, which has centuries of practice, confidently asserts that the kidneys and male potency are closely interrelated. If a representative of the stronger sex reveals a violation of the functionality of the kidneys, then he will definitely have problems with potency. And to improve the work of the kidneys, if you massage the points on the sacrum.

Along with massage, it is not forbidden to use other methods that help get rid of impotence – folk remedies based on medicinal herbs, physiotherapy exercises, biologically active additives (using drops, ED Pills), and others. So, let’s consider how to correctly perform acupressure, and what points need to be affected in order to achieve the required therapeutic effect? In addition, you need to find out what features of such a manipulation exist?

Therapeutic massage for impotence

If a man has a weak potency, there is a deterioration in erection, then the attending physician may recommend a massage complex that helps restore men’s health and return what was lost.

Representatives of the stronger sex cannot do this massage for themselves. In addition, the help of an outsider who does not possess the special skills of certain movements will be completely useless.

It is necessary to treat impotence by means of this type of massage only in a medical institution. So, how is massage done, and what is its essence?

Consider the basic rules of massage to restore potency:

The massage begins with light touches and rubbing in the neck area, gradually moving to the middle of the back. The pads of the fingers should gently and not press hard on the sacral and lumbar regions, on the man’s tailbone. In this case, the fold of the skin is shifted towards the spine. Then the buttocks are massaged, the movements can be rubbing, stroking, shaking, pressing, and others. When the first stage of massage ends, the patient should lie on his back, and the doctor proceeds to the second phase of manipulation begins to massage the chest. After sternum massage, the penis is massaged. Using the thumb and forefinger, the doctor pulls the testicles to the male reproductive organ. Massaging the penis and testicles lasts for 10 minutes. It should be noted that such a massage should be extremely pleasant.

If a man feels pain, he is uncomfortable, it means that there is some mistake in the movements.

Treatment of impotence with massage

It is believed that in the region of the sacrum there are many points, with the right impact on which, you can significantly improve the quality of erection. However, there is a contraindication for such a procedure – vertebral damage. The active points located on the sacrum should be massaged with all fingers in a straight line.

The duration of this manipulation is 5 minutes. You can do everything on your own, but it’s extremely inconvenient, so you can ask your wife or girlfriend. In the area of ​​the solar plexus, there are several points responsible for the sexual strength of the stronger sex. Doctors say that 5-10 sessions of the right massage allow you to get a pronounced therapeutic effect.

The massage is carried out as follows:

  • Place two or three fingers in the solar plexus area.
  • Press lightly.
  • Make light and neat circular movements.
  • The duration of the procedure is no more than five minutes.

Reviews of men indicate that massage helps to get rid of problems in the genital area, adds energy and vivacity, and significantly improves well-being. Few people know, but there is a point on a man’s foot, massaging which provides an improvement in blood circulation in the pelvic organs and penis. It is located exactly in the middle of the foot, while closer to the toes.

To find it, you can conditionally divide the foot into three parts along. Then identify the middle where the point is supposed to be. After retreating from the heel two-thirds of the distance, and the point is found.

Massage the point goes like this:

  • First, press with any finger on the point, lock in this position for 5 seconds, release.
  • Repeat 10 times.
  • After that, you need to put your finger on the point, and make circular movements clockwise for 5 minutes.
  • Then the same movements are performed counterclockwise.

This manipulation has many benefits. First, there is an improvement in blood circulation in the body. Secondly, massage is a good prevention of prostate diseases. Thirdly, it allows you to make your penis hard.

Prostate massage for impotence

Massaging the prostate is a good way to restore normal erectile function. The manipulation is quite delicate, and not everyone will go to the doctor for it. But everything can be solved – you can massage the prostate at home on your own. You can massage with a finger, or purchase a special attribute that helps massage the glandular organ.

In addition, the anal plug for prostate massage will help to carry out the manipulation. If the procedure is carried out independently or by a doctor, first put on gloves. Important: before massaging, you need to empty the intestines. The impact in the process of massaging is on the lower part of the glandular organ, and it should be light and accurate.

The duration of the procedure is no more than 2-3 minutes. It should be noted that prostate massage has certain contraindications, so it is recommended to consult a doctor first.

If we rely on the experience of men, then acupressure did not help much, and there are many reasons for this – the point was found incorrectly, wrong actions, etc. In the process of Erectile Dysfunction treatment, it is better to choose proven remedies like spray Kamagra pills. He is guaranteed to return male strength, and double it.