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Altamofen 20mg

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Produced by: Alpha Pharma

Quantity and Dosage: 50 pills – 20 mg

Active Substance: Tamoxifen

Prescription: NOT needed.

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Payment methods: PayPal, Credit Card – all types (Visa, Master Card, Prepaid Cards, etc.)

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Tamoxifen is used to block estrogen receptors. It is usually employed in small doses when you start to notice things like a sensitivity or soreness of your nipples. You can ensure that Tamoxifen keeps your body free from the various side effects that may come with steroidal use by starting low and ramping up as needed to avoid internal issues throughout PCT.

Tamoxifen is used for PCT (Post-cycle therapy) at the time when steroidal side effects start to show, like sensitivity or soreness of nipples. This product blocks estrogen receptors and thereby reduces negative effects on your muscles. Unlike Clomiphene Citrate, Tamoxifen does not affect hormonal production by ovaries.

Tamoxifen is a selective estrogen receptor modulator that blocks the receptors in your body. In simple terms, it means you don’t develop breasts during a cycle, and when you run out of steroidal side effects to battle against, this particular drug can take care of you. Friends around the world will be glad to know we have an excellent product on our hands and one that’s not going anywhere – Tamoxifen!

Tamoxifen is a popular antidepressant that can be used in the process of post-cycle therapy.
It has been shown to do six things for you: block estrogen receptors, induce depression, provide relief from breast soreness and milk flow problems that happen throughout PCT, prevent gynecomastia by making your nipples less sensitive or sore, decreases libido in sufferers with extreme levels of testosterone in their body system and prevents erectile dysfunction.

1 review for Altamofen 20mg

  1. Teresa Allison

    Ordered twice. Good brand. Delivered in 20 days. Recommended!

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