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Anavar 50 mg 100 pills

(16 customer reviews)


Produced by: Dragon Pharma

Quantity and Dosage: 100 pills – 50 mg

Active Substance: Oxandrolone

Prescription: NOT needed.

Delivery to: USA, Australia, Canada, UK, EU, Asia, and worldwide.

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Oxandrolone, or as it used to be called Anavar, unlike other oral steroids, does not suppress the production of personal testosterone at all, therefore, after the end of the intake, post-course therapy can take place without taking additional funds. In addition, during production, it does not aromatize, respectively, the level of estrogen does not increase, and the risk of developing gynecomastia in men is completely absent.

Anavar is able to block cortisol receptors, thereby preventing muscle breakdown.

Ideal for men and women: Why people purchase Anavar and use it?

Oxandrolone was originally synthesized as a medicine and was created as Oxandrolone. This type of steroid was used to treat burns, anemia, epilepsy, and was also prescribed to patients to recuperate after surgery. The drug in small doses was also intended for children – rather low toxicity and low androgenicity, effectively influenced the recovery processes.

Seeing the effective action of the drug, athletes became interested in Oxandrolone because of fast muscle mass gain. Today this steroid is one of the most popular and preferred drugs in the sports environment. In small doses, it is recommended for women – athletes, and even young athletes. You can buy Anavar in the USA on our ACNM official website, where you can find the safest and most effective products for sale of leading pharmacological manufacturers.

Anavar Cycle Total Description

For many athletes, the exact calculation of the dose is a very important task, so the question of how to take Anavar is urgent for them. One of the important conditions when taking the cycle of Anavar or Oxandrolone is to choose the correct proportions and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. This is the main requirement that is presented when taking a steroid. If the cycle is calculated correctly, and the doses are not overestimated, then the likelihood of side effects is minimized. In this case, a negative impact can occur only due to the biological characteristics of the organism.

There are cases when a beginner makes an independent decision and increases the calculated dose. This is done in order to achieve positive results as quickly as possible. But in such cases, the opposite is true, and the athlete, with his ill-considered actions, only harms his health. Exceeding the recommended dose, the athlete causes irreparable harm to the cardiovascular system. Exceeding the dose also has a negative effect on the liver. Therefore, deviation from the rules is strictly prohibited. The maximum allowable intake of the drug is 80 mg per day, while it should be divided into three parts.

It should be noted that the main indicator of an oral steroid is aimed at activating the release of creatine phosphate and gonadotropin, as a result of which there is a rapid removal of water from the tissues. At the same time, the muscle mass becomes drier and rather stiff. At the same time, strength grows, endurance increases. The drug is not aromatized.

During the cycle of Oxandrolone, dizziness and mild nausea may occur, then, in this case, you should stop taking steroids. The drug is slightly toxic to the liver, so even the youngest athletes take it. Another important feature of the drug is that it retains calcium and promotes bone growth. This is very important for athletes who are involved in sports where the risk of injury is quite high. Therefore, Oxandrolone is simply irreplaceable for them.

The cycle of Anavar itself consists of taking a steroid from 10 mg per day and ending with 80 milligrams. When the doses are increased from 10 to 40 mg, the density, and relief of the muscles increases, both in beginners and inexperienced athletes. Experienced weight lifters over 100 kg can take a safe dose of 80 mg.

The daily dose is divided into three doses and is consumed during the day. Reception is carried out for 5-6 weeks. After completing the course, one should not forget about post-cycle therapy, and after two days, start taking Tamoxifen. Also, the athlete should use sports nutrition. The steroid can be taken both in combination with other drugs and Anavar solo.

Real reviews about Anavar Solo cycle

Experts say that when it is right to take an anabolic, then in a short time you can achieve high results and seriously strengthen the relief of the muscles, increase its elasticity. This is evidenced by Anavar reviews that come not only from men but also from women athletes. Many athletes focus on increasing the definition and hardness of the muscles. This is important since it is precisely this effect that the action of Oxandrolone is directed at. For bodybuilding and other strength sports, this is important enough.

Quite a lot of reviews and recommendations are devoted to the reduction of body fat, as well as the possibility of burning body fat. For men, the most vulnerable place is the abdominal zone, but the steroid is able to effectively affect the fat layer. Also, judging by the published reviews, athletes appreciate the effect of increasing strength indicators. This is very important for track and field athletes, boxers, skiers, where not only strength but also endurance is required.

Bob, 28 years old: “I have been doing track and field athletics for a long time, and thanks to the Anavar cycle I was able to develop significant endurance. It is very important for me when running on middle and long distances, and the drug helped me to do it quickly (only six weeks!) And effectively.”

Frank, 34 years old: “I completed the Anavar solo cycle and was quite satisfied. A fairly safe drug, it cannot harm health. In small doses, it is even recommended for women. With the help of the cycle, I strengthened my muscles well, especially elasticity (my relief is already at the highest level). No side effects were observed, so even post-cycle therapy was not needed. The main thing is to adhere to the regime and sports nutrition after taking it.”

Gregory, 23 years old: “I have just started taking the cycle, I am taking the third day, but I already feel a significant increase in strength. There are no side effects, I hope there won’t be. But in all likelihood, the anabolic is of excellent quality.”

Where is the best place to find Anavar for sale in the USA?

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16 reviews for Anavar 50 mg 100 pills

  1. Nicolas Wintertown

    This is my second order with ACNM. It was a delay with second order shipping, received in 4 weeks. But it worth waiting! All products are real and give results! I increased my muscles mass in 2 weeks using Anavar bought here! Tried other shop before. This on is the best I think! Recommended!

  2. Bob Dreelfort

    Was waiting for my Anavar from this pharmacy for 3 weeks… And got perfect pills for fast muscles mass gain. It was my first time and I’m very satisfied with the result! Noticed ABSOLUTELY NO side effects. Used it both with Clenbuterol (ordered Magnum 100 pills 40 mcg here). What I got in 3 weeks? Almost NO fat, increased muscles mass (used absolutely useless sport nutrition before… my mistake). Now I know how to get the result really quickly without harmful effect for my health. Thank you guys!

  3. Paul676

    Noticed nothing wrong with Dragon Pharma Anavar pills. Saw results in 2 weeks. Used every day. Good product

  4. Arthur Cxx

    I use Anavar in my cycle twice a year. Stimulating muscle growth with Oxandrolone is easy-going process. You should use it depending on your correct dosage (can be different) with the right set of exercises. They can be different, but they are based on the main groups, for example: squat, deadlift, chin-up and bench press. These multi-joint exercises involve more muscle fibers and are more effective than isolated exercises. It is the basic exercises that have a significant effect on the hormonal background, due to which the release of growth hormone into the blood occurs. Don’t be afraid of Anavar. But you should choose the best dosage and workout sets.

  5. samuelgrooong

    Good and working pills for muscle gain. I noticed some side-effects. Can’t say that its smth ideal but it works.

  6. Crystal J

    Tried this brand Anavar pills right after my Clen cycle. I can definitely recommend such a good combination for both fat burning and muscle mass gain. These drugs work and you don’t kill yourself with side effects. Don’t search for cheap meds. These pills are good. Thanks guys from acnm pharmacy!

  7. Sebastian Kr

    My first order. Received Clen and Anavar in 2 13 days after paid. Pills are real. Now ready to start my cycle.

  8. Lewis Rees

    Anavar is an excellent choice when it comes to positive muscle building and cutting. This product is perfect for both men and women looking to see increased muscle mass in a relatively short period of time. If you’re striving for cleaner gains, this could be the perfect supplement!

  9. Arthur Hayes

    Anavar is an oral steroid that can help you achieve incredible muscle growth and definition. It is perfect for both men and women, and it can be used to bulk up or cut down. With Anavar 50 mg pills for sale from ACNM Online Pharmacy you’ll get the results you’ve always wanted!

  10. Jake Patton

    Are you looking for a way to get lean and tone your body? Are you looking for a legal anabolic steroid that can help you achieve your fitness goals? If so, then Anavar may be the perfect choice for you. Anavar is a legal steroid that is known for its ability to help build muscle and burn fat. It is one of the most popular anabolic steroids on the market today, and it can help you achieve amazing results when used correctly. If you are interested in purchasing Anavar, then be sure to buy from ACNM online pharmacy today. They offer high-quality Anavar for sale at a reasonable price, and they would be happy to help you get started on your journey to the perfect body!

  11. Cassius Cain

    Anavar is a steroid that can be effective in building muscle mass. It is often used by bodybuilders and athletes to help them achieve their desired results. However, it is important to use Anavar correctly in order to avoid any potential side effects. I love using this oral steroid as it’s extra safe and effective!

  12. Parker Gilbert

    In the world of bodybuilding and athletics, Anavar is one of the most popular performance-enhancing drugs available. Though it is not as well known as other drugs such as testosterone and Dianabol, Anavar for sale has a host of benefits that can help athletes reach their fitness goals.

    I can’t say that this steroid is ideal one as I noticed some side effects, by everything depends on the dosage. I tried using lower dosages and now everything is ok with my body condition.

  13. Rayan Cochran

    Anavar for sale here on ACNM Online Pharmacy website is an interesting drug when it comes to performance enhancement and bodybuilding. It has both mild and strong effects, which can make it a desirable choice for many athletes. While there are some potential side effects to watch out for, Anavar can be a great way to improve your workouts, tone your body, and achieve the physique you’re aiming for!
    I use Anavar in cycle twice a year and always buy it here as I trust this shop.

  14. Lesley Fox

    Many athletes and bodybuilders take Anavar to help them achieve the perfect tone and physique. If you’re looking to buy Anavar, be sure to do your research so that you know what you’re getting. There are many places to buy Anavar online, but not all of them are legitimate. Be sure to find a reliable source so that you can get the best possible product. ACNM Online Pharmacy is the shop I can trust. Good job from u guys

  15. Jaylen Barrett

    This Anavar is perfectly stacked with Clenbuterol. I buy here only and trust ACNM Pharmacy. Only legit and real products. The delivery is slow but it worth waiting!

  16. Rory Davis

    I’ve tried several muscle gain supplements, and Anavar is by far the best. The results are fast and noticeable. My muscle mass and strength have increased significantly, and I feel more energized. The product is high-quality and delivers on its promises.

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