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Oxanabol 10mg

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Quantity and Dosage: 50 pills – 10 mg

Active Substance: Oxandrolone, Anavar

Prescription: NOT needed.

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Oxandrolone is a drug based on a steroid compound with an anabolic effect. Promotes the rapid formation of muscle structures and cell renewal. It has a high anabolic activity, which is four times higher than that of testosterone. Its androgenic effect on the body is extremely low, in comparison with testosterone does not exceed 20%.

History of the discovery of Oxandrolone

In the middle of the last century, this steroid was synthesized by Raphael Pappo. Since 1964, under the name Anavar, it began to be produced in the United States.

Due to the properties of the substance leading to an increase in muscle mass, the drug was prescribed in case of increased muscle loss. Anavar has been included in the treatment of diseases like HIV and AIDS. It was noted that the drug shows itself positively in the treatment of osteoporosis, in which there is a decrease in bone density. In 1989, Anavar was discontinued. In part, this was influenced by reviews of its abuse in bodybuilding.

However, already in 1995, General Corporation successfully conducted clinical trials and released this substance under the Oxandrin brand. Oxandrin was later approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and received orphan status, intended for the treatment of a number of specific diseases.

They began to use it as:
– therapeutic agent in the treatment of alcoholic hepatitis;
– to reduce protein catabolism;
– Turner syndrome;
– HIV-induced weight loss syndrome, in which the amount of muscle tissue decreases.
Oxandrolone is also prescribed for anemia and angioedema associated with hereditary factors.

Effect and action

The drug, which is produced by Alpha Pharma, is used in powerlifting and bodybuilding to increase lean muscle mass. This is one of the harmless ways to pump up, for men and women, which has no side properties. The main advantage of Oxandrolone is considered to be its ability to increase the relief and density of the muscle frame, which attracts athletes.

Also, such positive effects as:
– strengthening of bone tissue;
– decrease in the amount of adipose tissue;
– an increase in the content of growth hormone and muscle strength in the body;
– improving the functioning of the immune system and tissue sensitivity to insulin;
– acceleration of protein synthesis.

While taking the drug, the absorption of nutrients and vitamins from food occurs more intensively, which is associated with an increase in appetite.

Oxandrolone for sale is often chosen by women who are involved in body fitness or other strength sports. There is no virilization when it is taken. This means that such negative factors as coarsening of the voice, amenorrhea, changes in hormonal levels, and aggressive mood are completely excluded.

Dosages regimen

Oxandrolone is a tableted steroid (1 tablet x 10 mg), the duration of which is 8 to 12 hours. It is possible to reveal the remains of a substance in the blood within 45 days.

Oxandrolone Cycle Recommendations

Those who are just starting to use steroids should be aware that their daily dosage should not exceed 20 mg. For beginners and other athletes, the regimen is as follows:

Take 1 tablet (10 mg) three times a day, at regular intervals, on an even background, during the entire course of taking the drug.

Experienced in steroid cycles:
The intake rate should not exceed 50 mg per day – 3 times a day in equal amounts
The duration of the course of taking Oxandrolone is from 6 to 8 weeks (1.5 months).

Combination with other steroids

Oxandrolone can be combined with other anabolic steroids, preferably with a pronounced androgenic effect. This will significantly reduce the potential for side effects.

When combining the drug with Sustanon, Primobolan, or testosterone, the rate of Oxandrolone intake should be 40 mg per day. It is also required to strengthen the nutrition with foods on which the set of muscle mass depends.

Oxandrolone Possible Side effects

Oxandrolone is less likely to have side effects because it is considered a safe drug. In some cases, they may appear implicitly. You should take a closer look at your condition at the beginning of the reception. The presence of some symptoms suggests that there is a pronounced reaction of the body to its active ingredients.
This could be:
– increased blood pressure;
– headaches;
– periodic nausea;
– decreased libido;
– stomach ache.

There are also contraindications. There are not so many of them, but still, it is worth treating them with full attention. The drug should not be taken in case of liver diseases and prostatic hyperplasia. But even if there are no chronic diseases, it is necessary to consult a doctor before starting the course.

Thanks to its good properties and characteristics, the reviews of our customers from the United States of America, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, Asia, and all over the world are very positive. Affordable prices allow many athletes to use Oxandrolone as their trusted pharmaceuticals. If you decided to buy the drug we are at ACNM Online Pharmacy guarantee 100% legit Oxandrolone pills for a reasonable price with worldwide shipping.

2 reviews for Oxanabol 10mg

  1. Jeremy Goodwin

    Oxandrolone is a synthetic anabolic steroid hormone that has been used to treat various medical conditions in both humans and animals. It is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, and is FDA approved for the treatment of HIV-related wasting syndrome and Turner syndrome in children. In bodybuilding circles, Oxandrolone is prized for its ability to promote muscle gain without water retention.

  2. Caleb Flores

    Looking to improve your physique and performance? Look no further than Oxandrolone! This powerful anabolic steroid pill can help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted, by helping you build muscle and burn fat. Don’t let your hard work go to waste – get the most out of your workout with Oxandrolone!

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