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How to identify lung problems caused by coronavirus COVID-19

Despite the fact that the coronavirus pandemic was officially announced a few months ago, the disease does not even think to retreat. Thousands of infected people around the world are registered in medical institutions with the suspected virus. And how many people are hidden carriers, and it is beyond counting.

CT scan of the lungs for suspected coronavirus

Correct diagnosis allows you to detect COVID-19 in the early stages, identifying its main manifestations. This will make it possible to start treatment in a timely manner and take control of the patient’s condition. Among the most indicative diagnostic methods are called computed tomography or CT of the lungs. This method is able to quickly identify foci like “ground glass” when other analyzes are not yet able to show the actual picture of the course of the disease. All the details about CT of the lungs can be found on the website of the computed tomography of the ACNM clinic.

The study will have to spend no more than 15 minutes, and a medical opinion based on the results of the study is issued after 40-60 minutes. So, in about an hour, any citizen will be able to receive up-to-date data on the state of their lungs, determining how much the body has been exposed to a dangerous virus.

What does CT analysis show?

With the help of CT, the doctor can obtain a 3D model of the scanned organ. By studying a three-dimensional image, you will be able to:

assess the condition of the bronchi and lungs, detecting or excluding their deformation;
detect signs of ground-glass damage to the lungs, which is the surest sign of pneumonia and coronavirus;
determine what concomitant lung and chest problems are present in the patient;
measure the size of areas of compaction of lung tissue;
check the condition and size of lymph nodes, pulmonary arteries, etc.

If the doctor detects signs of the disease, he will give recommendations for further action.

If a coronavirus is suspected or a diagnosis is made, computed tomography of the lungs becomes the main and primary diagnostic method. It is not worth delaying the visit to the doctor, since every day of delay can worsen the situation. It is better to sign up for a CT scan of the lungs by contacting the ACNM clinic. During happy hours, you can do research at a good discount.