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Psychological erectile dysfunction: causes and treatment

Currently, there are many different diseases and conditions that can lead to erectile dysfunction in men. Most often, erectile dysfunction (ED) is caused precisely by the characteristics of the psychological state of a man. Erectile dysfunction statistics show that in 10 – 20% of cases, the development of erectile dysfunction is based on the psychological factor and often turns out to be a secondary reaction to the underlying physical cause.

Erectile dysfunction in 80% of cases is organic in nature and occurs as a complication of various somatic diseases. Nevertheless, in most cases, it is not difficult to distinguish the psychological form of erectile dysfunction from the organic one. Studies confirm that most often the psychological causes of erectile dysfunction are found precisely in young men who have recently begun to have sex.

What about erectile dysfunction at a young age?

In many ways, erectile dysfunction at a young age is associated with the psychological trauma of childhood and adolescence, when parents often instilled in the child that sexual intercourse is shameful. In this case, the first sexual intercourse of a man deserves special attention, in which often the excitement is so great that by the time of the beginning of intimacy, excitement and lack of experience lead to the fact that the erection disappears. But for many young people, failure at the first sexual intercourse, especially if the partner’s behavior was not entirely correct, becomes a big psychological blow and can subsequently cause great difficulties and problems in this area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife. But relationships with a partner can play a positive role: emotional support from her side can serve as a method of treating the psychological form of erectile dysfunction.

However, if an adult man who has sufficient experience of sexual relations, as a rule, is able to cope with such an erectile dysfunction himself, then at a young age, a specialist consultation is required.

Psychogenic disorders and ED

Often, erectile dysfunction is manifested as a result of psychogenic disorders. One of the most common forms is failure expectation syndrome. Accidental sexual failure – a decrease or disappearance of an erection – leads to doubts about their own masculine strength. Fear intensifies on the eve of sexual intercourse, which leads to a complete loss of erection. Thus, the principle of self-hypnosis is at work here: the stronger such fears, the greater the likelihood of their implementation. Over time, there are real problems with achieving and maintaining an erection, which results in psychogenic impotence.

Subsequently, this can provoke a loss of interest in sexual intercourse as such. Numerous attempts to overcome insecurity turn intercourse into something that, as a result, partners cannot focus on anything other than observing and evaluating the reaction to their actions. This further suppresses the possibility of an erection and aggravates psychogenic erectile dysfunction. The psychological form of erectile dysfunction also occurs in older men. They are more often characterized by selective erectile dysfunction, that is, the impossibility of having sexual intercourse with one partner with constant success with others. For example, they often complain about the absence or poor quality of erection during intercourse with his wife, while with mistresses there are no problems with erection.

First meeting syndrome

Another variant of erectile dysfunction, due to the peculiarities of the male psyche, is the so-called first meeting syndrome. In this case, problems with erection appear only at the first intimacy, and subsequently, as a rule, there are no problems. However, with an overly emotional male psyche, it is possible that one accidental failure during intercourse causes very strong excitement during the next intimacy with a partner, which leads to erectile dysfunction this time. In the future, such cases, accumulating from time to time, lead a man to the conviction of his own inferiority.

All this as a result can make him absolutely impotent even in his youth. In addition, a similar condition may appear after an illness that had an impact on an erection, but the organic cause of erectile dysfunction was eliminated, and the problems with erection remained the same. Also, in addition to the cases described above, most often with the psychological form of erectile dysfunction, the so-called phenomenon of nocturnal penile swelling, or morning erection, persists. It should be noted that all men experience erection problems at some point.

Nevertheless, most of them, in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, require a consultation with a psychologist, because regardless of the cause of the problem, sexual failures leave an unfavorable imprint on the general psychological state of a man. In such situations, the erectile dysfunction treatment drug Kamagra is most often recommended to the patient, which affects his psychological status and thereby normalizes and enhances all manifestations of the sexual sphere.

Fear should be caused by a situation where erectile dysfunction becomes permanent, that is, it occurs more often than in 50% of cases, or becomes a source of stress for a partner. In such cases, you need to seek medical advice and treatment from a urologist.