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Author page: alaskaman17

What should you know before taking Clenbuterol? Side Effects and Administration

For weight loss in bodybuilding, drugs are actively used that were not originally intended for this purpose. In particular, Clenbuterol (informal name - Clen) refers to bronchodilators that reduce swelling in lung diseases. But bodybuilders take it to burn fat during the cutting phase. The lack of the androgenic effect inherent in anabolic steroids allows…

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Enlarged spleen – splenomegaly

Pathology and causes On physical examination of adults, the spleen should not be palpable. If it can be palpated, this indicates an increase of ≥1.5 times. The degree of enlargement of the spleen is determined by the distance from its defined edge to the left costal arch in centimeters. Causes: infections - bacterial (tuberculosis, typhoid…

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